Lost and Found Cats

All cats adopted by AVA include a microchip through 24PetWatch to help identify your pet should they ever become lost and found. Remember to update your contact information if you move or get a new phone number.

If your cat does not have a microchip, your vet can insert one at your next check up for a small fee.

What to do if your pet is missing

  1. Contact your local Animal Control authorities and provide a photo and the chip number
  2. Put up flyers around your neighbourhood your community that include a recent picture of your pet
  3. Go door-to-door to talk to your neighbours and tell them about your lost pet
    • Ask to look around their front and backyard: look under decks, bushes, behind A/C units, under cars – any small place a scared cat might hide
    • Leave your contact information and ask them to call you with any sightings
  4. Visit and contact local rescue organizations to look for your pet
  5. Post publicly on your social media and ask friends to share
  6. Post on local lost pet groups on Facebook
  7. Visit nearby vets and leave a flyer

Lure your cat back home

  • Secure all other animals and children and leave the door open
  • Put the litter box on your porch and sprinkle used litter on your lawn
  • Get on your hands and knees and look! Your cat is likely very frightened and won’t come when called
  • Get help from family, friends, and neighbours