Adults are Amazing

Many people automatically think kitten when they think about adopting a cat but there are many wonderful reasons to adopt a juvenile or adult cat and, in many instances, an adult may be a better fit for your family!


With an adult cat you usually know what you are getting and we usually have a good sense of their personality.

  • How attentive or independent they are
  • How playful they are – many juvenile and young adults are still very playful
  • What type of affection they like
  • Level of lap-catedness

Kittens are typically bundles of adorable energy and it can take time for their personalities to show.


Juvenile and adult cats have settled down a bit. They are less naughty and less likely to get into sticky stations.


An adult cat is more likely to hang out with you to watch TV, have a nap, or relax.

Kittens are very busy with life and don’t have time to relax and just be!


Adult cats, especially slightly older cats, often have experienced hardship leading up to their placement in the shelter. Once you build trust and create a bond, you have a special and loyal friend for life!