CAT 101

We often get questions about cat behaviour and habits, and what to expect when bringing home a rescue cat for the first time.

Below are informational pamphlets to help you “learn to cat.”

  1. Bringing home your rescue cat. You are doing an amazing thing by giving a good home to a rescued animal. However, they may need more time and patience to adjust than other cats. This pamphlet is a primer on life with your new rescue. Also check out our Adopting a Kitten handout to prepare for your tiny feline friend.
  2. Introducing your new cat to your resident cat. Go slow! Having a slow and patient introduction (1-2 weeks) will give you and your new cat(s) the best chance of long-term success and avoid behaviour linked to territorial aggression. For introducing cats and dogs, check out the OSPCA’s Guide to Helping Cats and Dogs to Get Along.
  3. Litter box tips and tricks. The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat, and to scoop daily. If you notice new or usual litter box behaviour, watch for signs that your cat may have a medical issue and might need a visit to the vet.
  4. How to train kitty not to scratch the furniture. Scratching is a normal, natural and healthy behaviour that should be encouraged – just not on your couch. This behaviour can be redirected with the right tools and training.
  5. Playing with your cat. Some cats, and especially kittens and young adults, can have lots of excess energy that you may not want to be directed at your ankles. Interactive play is an important tool to redirect your cat’s behaviour on to an appropriate object.
  6. Cats & Babies. Expecting a baby? Don’t fret, you don’t need to give up your cat! With proper preparation, you can plan for a safe and harmonious home for both cat and baby.
  7. Working with shy or timid cats. Socializing a skittish, timid or shy rescue cat often requires a lot of patience and TLC but comes with big rewards.
  8. Keep your cat healthy and safe:
    1. Learn more about Cat Nutrition and Health
    2. Learn about the benefits of Keeping Your Cat Indoors