Bonded Pairs

Think of a Bonded Pair as kitty soul mates. Cats may bond to a littermate, another cat in the home, or a cat they meet in the shelter. Bonded pairs must be adopted together because the stress of separating them would be harmful to the animals.

The best part about adopting two cats together is you double the love for both you and your cats!

Bonded pairs can often be found playing with each other or cuddling. Some bonded pairs can be quite independent in their activities, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are not bonded. They will call out to each other and seek one another out when they are feeling stressed, upset, lonely, frightened, or just want to hang out and run around.

Pairs are especially important for kittens. Because they are social learners, kittens learn from their mother, and from their litter mates, what behaviours – like biting – are unacceptable, but also positive behaviours like how to play. Kittens that have spent at least six months with other young cats have the best chance of becoming well-adjusted adults.

Download the PDF about Bonded Pairs & Two Kittens.