Shadow cats

A shadow cat is a shy cat that is often overlooked in a foster home or adoption centre. They are likely to stay in their cage and will not come out and engage with potential adopters.

Why adopt a shadow cat?

There are many reasons you should consider adopting a shadow cat:

They are usually good with other cats

Many shadow cats are rescued from hoarding situations or colonies. They are used to being with cats and often prefer cats to people. Being in a home with a more social cat can help a shadow develop its social skills and build confidence.

They are good for busy people

Do you want to get a cat but are afraid you don’t have the time to spend with them? A shadow cat may be perfect for you. While shadow cats benefit from human interaction, they are usually more independent.

They are loving pets

Shadow cats often become more social once they are in a proper home. Animal relationships that require a bit more work are often the most rewarding.

It frees up space in the shelter

Shadow cats often spend a long time waiting for a home. We love them and will keep trying until we find a home, but getting a home faster allows us to help more cats.

If you are willing an able to provide a loving home, food, and veterinary care to one of these shy, sweet cats, please consider filling out an adoption application and meet some of our overlooked kitties.