Two kittens are better than one!

It is the policy of Action Volunteers for Animals to only adopt  kittens under 12 months with another kitten or to a home that already has a young cat (under 3 years).

If you only want one cat or currently have an adult, please consider the many wonderful juvenile and adult cats that are looking for homes. There are many reasons to adopt an adult cat.

  • Two kittens will help socialize each other. Often when an adult cat is less-than-friendly, it is because they were not raised with a peer to learn positive social behaviours.
  • Kittens love to play and need a cat of similar age to wrestle with and chase.
  • Older cats can find kittens to be a nuisance.  The kitten wants to play while the adult is busy resting or looking out the window.
  • Kittens raised together will usually form a bond.
  • Once bonded, the cats will seek each other out for comfort, support, and friendship.